Worth 1,200,000 words

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, I thought Spain was worth 1,200,000 words.

Lucky for you, I’m not going to make you read that many words, nor am I going to make you look at that many pictures (even if I felt like making you do so, I’m not sure this blog post has that capacity). Feeling a lot like an optometrist, I went through my pictures asking myself “which is better–one or two?” until I was able to narrow them down to the best looking, lighted, and represented photos of the trip. Here it is: the best of Spain!


One thought on “Worth 1,200,000 words

  1. Also, I need to add: I had the worst time getting these pictures to post in some sort of logical order. Most of the time, they do, but then some of them get shuffled to a weird spot. So if a few of them seem out of place chronologically, they are. Sorry about that!

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