Guten Tag and hello from Germany! It’s been an eventful six days since my dad arrived from the States to visit, and there’s still more to come, but I must say that my time here has been amazing.

We started our trip in Vienna, Austria (exciting for a music fan like me), then spent a day in Salzburg, and today crossed over into Germany. We’ll be here in Munich until Monday, when we’ll head back for some London time before my dad heads back. Then, it will be a matter of weeks until I return home myself. It’s weird to think about, and part of me is glad I’m traveling so I don’t have to much.




One thought on “Hallo!

  1. Hoffentlich das Deutsch war nicht zu schwer zum verstehen! (I also think it’s really cool that when I randomly check this, there is a new post that was just posted today! It’s still the 26th in CA)

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