Easter Peeps

I know I haven’t even gotten to Day 2 of my Spring Chronicles yet, but it’s Easter, so I’m taking a side step today. Actually, it’s still about traveling, but I’m jumping ahead nine days.

Traveling was really good for me. It kind of “reset” my system in a way, so that when I returned to Brighton, I felt a lot more like I was returning to home.

In fact, I noticed after about four days on holiday that I’d begun to miss my fellow Brightonians (no, they don’t call themselves that; I just made it up and if any of them read this, they probably won’t like it). While I’d known that I’d made good friends before, the fact that I was missing them after only a few days had still taken me off guard.

My mom is the best, and sent me a care package which included things like Skippy peanut butter and Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies and an Easter basket (okay, Easter ZIPLOCK, but it came with chocolate bunny and Reeses Pieces carrot and Easter grass and everything), which included Peeps.

Ever since senior year, I have always associated the word “Peeps” with friends, probably because I have a teacher that loves to ask “So, have you found your peeps yet?” This Easter, I am happy to say I have found my peeps. And not just the kind that come in a yellow box and covered in sugar sprinkles (although, those are nice, too); I have the more rewarding, sustaining, and (let’s face it) healthy kind as well. I’ve gone beyond meeting “lovely people” that I enjoy being around, but to making friends I really connect with and feel at home with. And this realization could not have come at a better time. While up until now I’ve been battling with homesickness and culture shock on-and-off, as I reach the half-way mark of my stay here, I’m ready to take this feeling of belonging, run with it, and just enjoy the rest of my time here. I know it’s  going to go fast.

I feel very blessed, and am grateful this Easter day that the Lord has blessed me with so many gifts, including His love and the love of those around me.

Tomorrow, I resume the spring travel chronicles.



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