Notice: On Holiday

Dear Followers,

Tomorrow I will leave for an extended holiday in Derbyshire (north England), Loch Lomond and Glasgow, Scotland, and then Barcelona. During which, I will not have internet (and even if I did, I think I’ll probably stay clear anyway), and will spend time going for long walks in nature, doing leisure reading, and writing for myself.

When I return, I promise I will have very cool and beautiful pictures.

Until then,



2 thoughts on “Notice: On Holiday

  1. Have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures–especially if you happen to see any of the Irish travelers on holiday! According to the episode I watched last night, Spain is one of their favorite countries! I will try really hard to not feel jealous in the mean time!

  2. Kent says, “Hmmm…you were right.” I told him you were probably going to see all the places the Travellers were and where they holiday too just last night! (New season, new episodes, new crazytown!). I made a list of all the places they mentioned–if you run out of ideas I’ll give you the crazytown list!!! lol

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