That Moment

Last week, while in London, I did many cool things. I saw Les Miz, as already mentioned, and I saw the Tower of London, and the crowned jewels (which literally will take your breath away–I don’t even like jewelry and when I saw the Imperial State Crown, I was so stunned by how beautiful it was that my heart skipped a couple of beats), and lots of armor and Yeomen and the London Bridge (which, contrary to the claims of the children’s song, is nowhere near falling down). It was all really great. But I think that one of the coolest parts about that day was a moment, when I was walking along the Thames from London Bridge toward Piccadilly Circus to see Les Miz, and I looked out along the water and the sun was setting. And in that moment, everything else stood still and I couldn’t help but think “Man,  my life is so cool.”

It wasn’t meant to be some self-righteous, arrogant statement as to what an amazing person I am. On the contrary, it was more humbling than anything else. If I was a more eloquent thinker, perhaps instead of using the teenage “cool,” I would have used the more precise “blessed” or even “rich.” Whatever the word, what mattered was the feeling and the knowledge. I recognize that I get to do a lot of “cool” things here. I do cool things at cool places with cool people, and it’s great. But every once in a while, I’m hit with that moment, where I realize that just my life itself is “cool.” Those are moments cooler than all the tallest buildings and the prettiest crowns in London put together. And, thankfully, I’ll be able to have them no matter where I am, be it here, or Scotland (where I’ll be headed in less than a week), or back at home in the small town of Visalia. Isn’t life cool?



3 thoughts on “That Moment

  1. I’m so glad that, at the tender age of 20, you’ve learned to live “in the moment” and “bloom where you’re planted.” Life is splendid, indeed!
    Love, Mum

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