A Picture Post

Knowing that I’ll never catch up on recording everything I’m doing, and knowing that what people want is pictures, this is going to be a picture post, with brief captions.

Saturday, February 11th: London

After my horn lesson with Pip, I wanted to stay the day in London. So I brought along a packed lunch, and then set out on an educational adventure (with my horn) to visit a few places of interest. First, in order to enhance and further appreciate the applications of the Gothic elements which I’m studying in my Gothic literature class, I made my first stop the St. Pancras station, which is an iconic piece of Gothic architecture (and was actually just renovated so it looked nice and polished). I must say, that the feeling of awe and inspiration that I felt standing, looking up at that terrific building was quite different from what I feel when I read some of this very dark Gothic literature…

This station was absolutely breath-taking in person. It's monstrously huge, and it just towers over you.

After St. Pancras, I decided to indulge my own independent learning interests and celebrate reading David Copperfield by visiting the Dickens Museum. It was also just Dickens’ 200th birthday last week, so I thought there was no better time to go than now. I learned a lot, and saw his house, writing desk, original manuscript pages of the Pickwick Papers, and other things of interest.

The next place Harry Potter fans will recognize as Kings Cross Station. This trek was not really academic, but it was literary, and (I’m sad to say) rather futile. Kings Cross is currently undergoing renovation and rebuilding in many areas, so the whole station was a bit of a mess, and I was unable to get into Platform 9 (and 9 3/4) that day. The plan is to wait until the end of my trip and go back to see if the work has been completed.

Tuesday, February 14th: Brighton

The Taj Mahal looking building is actually English, located in Brighton (I ride past it every day at least twice), and called the Royal Pavillion. Naturally, I found this large and showy building intriguing, and on Tuesday I teamed up with a friend from church to explore the place. They allow absolutely no pictures inside, so just take my word for it–it’s cool. Originally a palace for George IV, it exudes extravagance, and has some of the most incredible things to look at. It’s amazing to think that everything was made by hand, and cleaned and kept up by hand as well.

Just as cool and ornate inside as it is outside

Friday, February 17th: University of Brighton Campus

Guess what! The snow melted, the weather is slowly getting warmer, and this California girl’s mood is rising with the temperature.


2 thoughts on “A Picture Post

  1. I think that I would spend much of my time with a sore neck from all the looking up. I love buildings. That station is quite a pile of bricks!

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