The Weather Report

I’ve almost made it through the first (very interesting) week of classes and am now trying to read all of the Scarlet Letter before tomorrow. However, I’m pausing to give the weather report here.

The weather for tomorrow read:

0° C with a 60% chance of scattered flurries.

For some reason, I found this very entertaining. Perhaps, because usually the word flurry is paired with something (a flurry of leaves or activity or butterflies), since a flurry itself is just a swirling mass of something. So tomorrow we will be having some scattered flurries. Of what these flurries may be of, one can only guess. I’m hoping for the butterflies, but I have a feeling that won’t be the case.



One thought on “The Weather Report

  1. Obviously didn’t grow up in Idaho like your dad, you California girl; weathermen forecast snow flurries all the time where it snows so I wouldn’t hold my breath for the butterflies.

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