California Weather

I must have brought all that California weather with me to Brighton, because when I arrived, Brighton hit its coldest spell yet. So cold, in fact, that today it snowed, which almost never happens. When I first saw it out the window of the bus, I wasn’t sure what to make of it, as I’m not used to seeing snow fall and certainly wasn’t expecting it. But there it was. It added an unexpected variable to my daily adventure, but the fact that it was something new and novel made the cold and wetness bearable.

The bus. Oh what an adventure! If I were to just ride the buses all day long (not even get off unless changing busses), I would learn enough about the city to function pretty well in it. Thankfully, yesterday I (in my inexperience) ended up spending what seemed like all day on the bus. Actually, it was only four hours total. But, I learned a lot. Not everything, but a lot (for example, the trip that yesterday took me two hours took me about an hour and a twenty minutes today). And today, I was able to ride the bus some more while completing errands, helping me to find more essential places (multiple grocery stores, the post offices, the phone store, a brass and woodwind supply shop, you know, the essentials!). And by the time I got back, I even got on the correct bus going in the correct direction for the last change home. So, I’m getting better at this.

They call this city England’s San Francisco, and upon spending a few days walking and riding around it, I can see why. Just look at this picture, and tell me you don’t see San Francisco:

This makes the ride not only informational, but very interesting as well. In addition to these tall, San Francician-inspired buildings, the residential neighborhoods are lined with houses which all look very similar (although I’m beginning to be able to tell them apart), and very English. White and red brick with wood accents is the way to go, and I have yet to be in a neighborhood where I have seen a house that does not look like these.

The house I live in looks like this, and tomorrow (when my day is significantle less busy), I will post a picture of it and my room (since right now, it hasn’t really been settled in yet…).

Until then,



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