Posted in January 2012

California Weather

California Weather

I must have brought all that California weather with me to Brighton, because when I arrived, Brighton hit its coldest spell yet. So cold, in fact, that today it snowed, which almost never happens. When I first saw it out the window of the bus, I wasn’t sure what to make of it, as I’m not … Continue reading

Finding My Cup of Tea

Today, I found my cup of tea. After two hours of getting on and off buses and finally just some walking, I arrived at the correct University of Brighton campus (apparently there are four) for a day of orientation. Mostly excited, but slightly worried that I wouldn’t make it on time, I wasn’t entirely sure … Continue reading

To Prevent a Fit

Upon threat of a fit, I will post. But first I must defend myself, saying that JET-LAG KILLS! (So I might only get through the first part before having to truncate). On Friday morning, I left Visalia with my parents after saying goodbye to my two younger brothers. About twenty minutes into the trip, we had … Continue reading

One day more

One day more. Another day, another destiny, on this never-ending road to Calvary… Tomorrow we’ll discover what our God in heaven has in store. One more day; one more dawn; one day more. -Les Miserables “One Day More”   After months of planning and preparing, getting excited and (sometimes) getting nervous, tomorrow is the big … Continue reading

Pounds Sterling

Pounds Sterling

The British Pound Sterling. While over half of the European Union converted over to the euro in 2002, it’s no wonder that the British decided to keep their pound sterling. Not only is it solid and strong (with £1 there equaling roughly $1.6 here), but it’s beautiful. Yesterday, I went to pick up some pounds … Continue reading


So often, it seems that the things that have the most potential to bring us the most joy can also be things which also carry the most stress. In this case, it is my horn. I’m a little apprehensive about traveling with it, as I am unsure whether the airline is going to let it … Continue reading


My name is Amanda, and I am currently a junior in college studying music and English. Exactly one week from now, I will be hopping on a plane to spend the next five months in Brighton, England, where I will have the opportunity to study what I love in an entirely new way. I could … Continue reading